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Welcome to Magnolia Magic Magazine, a web magazine with a Southern view on life, love and the enrichment of the individual. I am a writer, reader, and internet devotee. I'll have short stories for your reading pleasure as well as new books information from my favorite authors.

What's New? New Books has begun. As promised, I'm going to show the cover, back cover blurb, and website/email address of authors subscribed to this eZine. One of my first entries was Raven Hart's vampire series. Although the series is on hiatus now, the books are still available.

My short fiction for Thanksgiving is available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other digital sites. The first story in the series, Christmas at Magnolia Hill, is also available. More holiday themed events will happen at Magnolia Hill. Meanwhile, the blurb for Thanksgiving is below.

All of my short stories and books are available. Look for Adrianne Ambers on the book sites.

Former country and western singer Addy Wampler has invited the family to Magnolia Hill, her Ozark Mountain home, for a Thanksgiving celebration. She's seventy years old, and a new love has entered her life. Her first-grade sweetheart, Keith, a retired doctor, came to her aid last year when a pregnant teenager gave birth at Magnolia Hill. Since then, he has become very important to Addy. What better time to share some good news than when she will be surrounded by her loving family, the dining table is laden with bounty, and the scent of holiday goodwill is in the air? Why do I get the feeling that things will not work out quite like Addy planned?

Also, check out the free short fiction by guest writers who have been kind enough to share with us. Get a cup of tea, send the kiddies to bed, and then, click on the FICTION link below--and enjoy!

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