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Welcome to Magnolia Magic Magazine, a web magazine with a Southern view on life, love and the enrichment of the individual. I am a writer, reader, and internet devotee. I have short stories for your reading pleasure as well as new books information from my subscribers.

~~WHAT'S NEW~~ New Books is growing. If you have a new release and are a member of my mailing list, please send your request and information, such as where I can find a picture of the cover. I will also need your back cover blurb, and website/email address.

~~GOOD NEWS~~ CHRISTMAS AT MAGNOLIA HILL by Adrianne Ambers is available on Amazon. By signing up for KDP Select, the story is free for Kindle Prime users. Did you know that you don't need a kindle or eReader to read Kindle books? They have a Download for PC and I use this with my little ePC because I don't have a Kindle myself although I'd like one. Enjoy the many entertaining books on Amazon. I will be uploading The Country Girl soon!

~~GOOD NEWS~~ THANKSGIVING AT MAGHOLIA HILL by Adrianne Ambers is available FREE on Smashwords. This is the sequel to Christmas at Magnolia Hill. I describe it at: no sex, the heroine is 50 Plus, and it's short enough to read on your lunch break. Enjoy. Both boks are on my NEW BOOKS page.

Also, check out the short fiction by award winning author Jodi Lynn Copeland and other guest writers who have been kind enough to share with us. Get a cup of tea, send the kids to bed, and hand the remote to your husband. Then, click on the FICTION link below--and enjoy!

Please bookmark this page and check back often for new short stories and links to updated pages. Please email if you have questions or comments. Sign up for my newsletter -- add your email address in the space at the bottom of the page.

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